Crime Map According to the Limericks of Edward Lear

The classic limericks of Edward Lear detail a world of appalling incidents. Over a gruelling breakfast we geocoded the limericks to build a Global Crime Map. We hope it will help you avoid ‘limerick’ hotspots and that two owls and a hen, four larks and a wren do not make nests in your beard.
Click on an incident marker below to see the full report.

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The classic Limericks by Edward Lear offer shocking insights into global crime.

Take this sad incident of manslaughter:

There was an Old Man of Peru,
Who watched his wife making a stew;
But once by mistake, in a stove she did bake,
That unfortunate Man of Peru.

The language Lear uses to make his incident reports is forensic and yet poetic. It captures not only the details of the harrowing happening, but the pathos:

There was an Old Person of Bangor,
Whose face was distorted with anger;
He tore off his boots, and subsisted on roots,
That borascible Person of Bangor

Right: Oddly, this pie chart seems to make a ‘peace sign’. The limericks, unfortunately, show a world entirely add odds with the message of symbol: 42% of the incidents involved the male gendered as the principal protagonist. Only 16% were women. The gender of 41% was impossible to determine.

‘peace sign’?